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what do you plan to do with this beautiful, messy life?

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a balanced life counseling & coaching is an investment in you and your time on this lovely planet. like the stacked stones that help hikers navigate a complex trail, a balanced life guides you to improve your ability to bounce back better from challenging, convoluted times, increase your emotional flex-ability, form deeper more meaningful relationships and live a life aligned with your individual values and purpose.

Customized, cutting edge counseling and coaching services designed to THINK, FEEL and DO better.


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provides a deeper look into the stepping stones that have guided laurie along her own personal and professional path. laurie is enthusiastic about her profession and walks the talk. a balanced life provides an individual, strengths focus, to encourage your growth and success. connect with her blog as a way to better understanding how a balanced life can help you.

I sincerely thank Laurie for her exemplary work in assisting me as I strive to reach a better balance in my life as it relates to anxiety and depression. From the initial call for information and throughout our sessions I have found her to be very professional and knowledgeable. Laurie possesses great communication skills and has meticulous attention to detail, both of which has made for a smooth and steady progression with our sessions. She ensures I am comfortable and satisfied with the work we are doing and how I can apply it in my life each day. Laurie is always friendly, always prompt, and always helpful. She brings a level of personalization and sincerity that puts one at ease during what has been an overwhelming and stressful time and transition. She has been committed every step of the way and the process and time with her has gone beyond that of work done with previous therapists. I am thankful and pleased with her methods and approach to cognitive behavioral therapy and it’s application to daily life.
— d.r
I was going through an old journal and thoughts of you and the time I spent in your room came gushing back to me! I just wanted to say hi and tell you that my memories of your help and guidance are some of the most positive ones I’ve ever had in my adult life. I was going through such a tough time and you really helped me to pull out of it and to find my strength I didn’t even know I had!
— q.w.